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Get American IP address free Android Windows

To be able to get American IP Address for free is quite useful. If you ever wanted to watch a geographic location specific Youtube video, Sports game or a latest episode of a American sitcom from CBS website from outside of USA you are blocked. Most folks would have experienced this with Netflix or Hulu. [&hellip

Public WiFi security wireless hotspot HTTPS safety Top Five tips

Is public WiFi security good enough ? Is HTTPS safe on public wireless hotspots ? What are the risks of using public WiFi ? If you have been asking all these questions to yourself every time you used a public internet connection then you must consider following points before latching onto your next free or [&hellip

Scan detect remove malware from websites blogs online free tools

Have you been recently blacklisted as a malware distributing website or a blog ? If you did not plan on being a malware website or blog then you must take action before Google removes your site from their searches completely. This could be a SEO disaster. Before understanding how to remove malware let us first [&hellip

Remove Ads from websites Firefox chrome ad block plus plugin add on

Ads on many websites are quite annoying especially when they keep popping up every few seconds. Since they are an important source of income for most websites I would not recommend anyone to remove ads from websites. Sometimes however while searching for content online we tend to visit many new sites. There is an inherent [&hellip

Are you addicted to internet ?

Internet growth has been humongous and so have number of users addicted to it.  There has been a steady  increase in the average time a person spends on internet. In order to figure out if the time you spent is normal or are you addicted to internet try answering following questions: Questions to ask if you [&hellip

How to find blogs to follow or comment on automatically?

You might be spending a lot of time trying to find blogs to follow and read daily. You might be looking for a blog that gives you the relevant information to follow daily or a blog where you can comment to get back links or for a blog on a specific or niche topic to [&hellip

OpenX Review For Problems and Issues

What is OpenX OpenX is an ad management software. That means that if you have ads to show on your website and need capability to show them for lets say certain duration, then by using OpenX you can program that information into your OpenX software. This is good for managing individual ads or for mix [&hellip

Yahoo Finance vs Google Finance – Which is better ?

Yahoo finance Vs Google finance – Who really cares ? Answer to the question “Yahoo finance Vs Google Finance – which one is better” can depend on who you ask.  Before answering this question let us first understand who are the typical users of either Yahoo or Google finance services. These services are mostly used [&hellip

Should I use Chrome or Firefox ? Chrome vs Firefox

Criteria for browser comparison Apart from all the features that you can find information on all over the net there are a few key differences that mostly depend on who would be using the browser. Let us try to compare Chrome vs Firefox or answer the question, should I use Chrome or Firefox browser from [&hellip