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Access blocked computers with SSH tunneling port forwarding

Consider the above setup. Your computer with IP address can access another windows computer referred to as windows jump server here. The windows jump server has two network interfaces : one with IP and another with Your computer can connect to windows jump server over but has no visibility into [&hellip

How often to blog ? Blog frequency to publish content and tips

How often to blog and what should be blog frequency bothers a lot of new bloggers. Like me if you have searched around for a right answer you might have gotten conflicting answers. Some claim that frequency of posting articles to blog is not important, the quality of posts is. Other may claim that frequency [&hellip

Switch vs Router vs Hub vs Bridge Vs Repeater Vs Wireless Access Point

Following analysis compares  Switch vs Router vs Hub vs Bridge Vs Repeater and highlights various differences among them for various different networks. Comparison of the Network layer at which Switch Router Hub Bridge Repeater operate   Hub Bridge Switch Router Wireless Access Point Repeater Network Layer 1 (Physical) 2 (Data) 2 (Data) or 3 (Network) 3 [&hellip

Core vs CPU vs Socket vs Chip vs Processor Difference Comparison

Since the advent of multi-core technology such as dual-cores and quad-cores there is confusion regarding what a microprocessor consists of and what is the correct terminology. Here we analyze and compare  core vs cpu vs socket vs chip vs processor to define what each of these components or term represent. Cores Since standard microprocessors are [&hellip

How and when to upgrade software ?

Before you upgrade software Whether it is a five minute browser upgrade or a five hour operating system upgrade, deciding on how to upgrade software or when to upgrade software requires careful planning. Before starting on an upgrade process look at the read me file or release notes that are part of the upgrade package. These files [&hellip

What is IPTV ? IPTV Providers Companies Services IPTV Technology

Introduction to IPTV In order to explain what is IPTV, it is necessary to understand its features and the underlying technology used. This IPTV tutorial therefore touches on all these aspects of IPTV. IPTV is part of telecommunication marketing term “quadruple play” which consists of internet, Phone, wireless and TV. The TV service in quadruple [&hellip

SSD Vs HDD Performance Speed Life Cost Power Reliability Comparison

With growth of options available for SSD drives today we take a look at SSD vs HDD comparison that can help decide which is a better option. SSD vs HDD Storage Technology Comparison Solid-state drives can serve the same purpose as hard disk drives. In general solid state drives  serve as a boot or system [&hellip


XML XML Stands for eXtensible Markup Language. It is a textual data serialization format with a set of rules for encoding documents. There are many XML-based implementations today that include SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), RSS (Really Simple Syndication) etc. XML Example <note>Hi</note> XSD XSD stands for XML Schema Definition. It describes the elements in [&hellip

What is Cloud Computing ? Architecture companies security Google

Define Cloud Computing Cloud computing can be defined as a mechanism to access applications that actually reside at a location other than your computer.  As per definition it is most often another Internet-connected device in a distant data center. Under this paradigm another company hosts your applications rather than you doing it yourself. This means [&hellip

WordPress pre and code tags Create pre code tags scrollbar with CSS

Why use WordPress Pre and Code tags Blogs that show code in the posts should provide a distinction between the text and code. This helps visitors identify code easily and copy it for their use. Options for using Pre and Code tags With WordPress, differentiating between  code and regular text becomes quite simple. This can [&hellip