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Best free capture screenshot tools software for windows PC Firefox

The most rudimentary way to capture screenshot is to print screen. However there are a number of software tools that can help capture screenshot with much better capabilities. These programs help a great deal in when you need to capture screenshot to Share with your colleagues over an email, Send it for debugging a certain [&hellip

Free yahoo site explorer alternatives Free backlinks finder tools

As you may have realized that the free Yahoo site explorer tool is gone for good. Now the search begins for free Yahoo site explorer alternatives to find backlinks for the domains. To be frank there are not many. Most of the online tools that you find are actually using another service under the covers. [&hellip

SEO tutorial for beginners SEO tips SEO tools

What is  SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) In order to generate ad revenue, a site needs a lot of visitors. Visitors can be acquired via paid advertizing or they can be referred to a site for free by search engines. In order to get visitors by search engines, a site has to be ranked [&hellip

WordPress contact form with captcha plugin

WordPress contact form with captcha plugin is a easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to add a contact form and any WordPress blog page. Features WordPress contact form with captcha plugin is easy to configure via regular WordPress plugin menu. Utilizes captcha technology to prevent any spam. It uses reCaptcha from Google. Allows [&hellip

PHP Template Free download

This is a very attractive and simple free PHP template that you can download and use for your dynamic websites.  Simple knowledge of PHP is required to modify and install this free PHP template. Free PHP template features 1. Support for three 728X90 and two 300X250 advertisements. The Ads have been strategically placed to provide [&hellip

Find My IP Address location assignment and DHCP allocation

Implemented tool to find my IP Address and location You can try the tool at – Find my IP Address with location tool How is my IP Address assigned ? Regional internet registries ( RIRs ) are responsible for IP address allocation to Internet Service Providers. Internet service providers ( ISPs ) in turn allocate [&hellip