Most useful free apps for android

I see a lot of websites listing most useful free apps for android devices. However these are a random list of 10, 20 50 or 100. I don’t really think that all these qualify to be under the category of most useful free apps. So I went ahead with a list of few apps that are not only useful but some of them are quite essential too. I have these on my Android tablet for a while now and I couldn’t do without them. The ones that are under essential are rated best of the best and during my tests they proved much better than their competitors in same area.

Most Useful Free Apps For Android

Most essential free apps for Android

AirDroid : This free app allows you to manage your favorite android device via your favorite browser. It lets you cut, copy paste or transfer any files between your laptop and your android device.

Apk Installer : If you like to try out apps that are not available on the Google Play store then this free android app can help you a lot. It lets you install a file with APK extension on your Android device.

KingSoft Office :  If you ever wanted to modify or create word documents on Android devices for free then this will be the option available on the Google play store. This app makes our most useful list of fre apps as it supports 23 diferent formats including DOC/DOCX/TXT/XLS/XLSX/PPT/PPTX/PDF.

File Manager : Unfortunately the Android devices do not come pre-built with any file explorer functionality. So if you want the functionality to manage your files directly on your Android device then this is the best app out there.

CloudPrint : Have you ever tried to print documents from your device. If you notice there are no native apps for that. CloudPrint is quite essential and free app for all your document printing needs.

Rebooter : Even with best of the intentions from the developers Android devices sometimes become unresponsive to hardware buttons on the device. The most problematic condition is when Android device cannot be turned off. Rebooter app lets you turn off your Android device with the software application.

Most useful free apps for Android

Aldiko : This is the best free and useful app for Android for reading books. Kindle is another option however Aldiko lets you read any eBook, not just the ones Kindle allows (DRM protected).

Skype : This app needs no mention. With no option from Google to use Google talk as effectively as it could be, this is the most useful apps to chat with your friends.

Groove IP Lite : For those of us who like to make free phone calls within US and from outside of US to US this is the most useful free app.

Remote Mouse : I like this app as this allows Android devices to control laptops/desktops remotely. I usually use this when I am watching a movie with my laptop connected to TV. Its one of the most useful free apps.

Flashlight : I always have my Android device with me day or night. I don’t leave without it. Having a flashlight on it turns out to be very useful. Especially more if your Android device have a camera flashlight on it. This app therefore makes it list of most useful free apps for Android.


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