Download Putty Connection Manager and alternatives free for windows

If you have been looking for a nice tabbed interface for your terminal connection to unix servers, then you can download putty connection manager or Superputty or Poderosa and use them for free. Putty connection manager as well others listed below are excellent tools that integrates putty. These tools provide a multiple window tabbed interface [&hellip

Scan detect remove malware from websites blogs online free tools

Have you been recently blacklisted as a malware distributing website or a blog ? If you did not plan on being a malware website or blog then you must take action before Google removes your site from their searches completely. This could be a SEO disaster. Before understanding how to remove malware let us first [&hellip

Free Best Web development tools comparison Eclipse Aptana Netbeans Firebug

For any web developer having efficient web development tools and debugging tools makes a lot of difference on how quickly the development can progress. If you are a new developer and are looking for various tools that are freely available and are quite efficient then take a look at the list below. This list provides [&hellip

Best free capture screenshot tools software for windows PC Firefox

The most rudimentary way to capture screenshot is to print screen. However there are a number of software tools that can help capture screenshot with much better capabilities. These programs help a great deal in when you need to capture screenshot to Share with your colleagues over an email, Send it for debugging a certain [&hellip

Add top header banner image on plugin developer page

If you are a WordPress plugin developer you would be interested in latest development and facilities provided by There is some good news. As part of an experiment, all plugin developers are now able to customize their plugin page even more with customized banner image of specified size on top header section of their [&hellip

Free yahoo site explorer alternatives Free backlinks finder tools

As you may have realized that the free Yahoo site explorer tool is gone for good. Now the search begins for free Yahoo site explorer alternatives to find backlinks for the domains. To be frank there are not many. Most of the online tools that you find are actually using another service under the covers. [&hellip

Friendly urls SEO url for search engines using htaccess examples

What is a SEO URL or a search engine friendly URL ? Before we learn how to create SEO URL or a search engine friendly URL we need to understand what it is and what is it’s purpose. A SEO or search engine friendly URL is the one that gives good information on what a [&hellip

SEO tutorial for beginners SEO tips SEO tools

What is  SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) In order to generate ad revenue, a site needs a lot of visitors. Visitors can be acquired via paid advertizing or they can be referred to a site for free by search engines. In order to get visitors by search engines, a site has to be ranked [&hellip

htaccess 301 redirect examples

Before we look at the examples of htaccess 301 redirect let us understand overall use and purpose of 301 redirects. That should allow us to use it on correct contexts. What does htaccess 301 redirect mean ? htaccess 301 redirect is a mechanism to return the 301 status code as defined in RFC 2616. According [&hellip

WordPress contact form with captcha plugin

WordPress contact form with captcha plugin is a easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to add a contact form and any WordPress blog page. Features WordPress contact form with captcha plugin is easy to configure via regular WordPress plugin menu. Utilizes captcha technology to prevent any spam. It uses reCaptcha from Google. Allows [&hellip