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Control vlc media player remotely over internet using any device

If you watch movies using VLC (Stands for VideoLAN) media player on your computer or TV then this article will help you control VLC media player remotely over the internet. Note that this mechanism allows you to control VLC from any device on the internet and NOT intranet. So that basically means that even if [&hellip

Get American IP address free Android Windows

To be able to get American IP Address for free is quite useful. If you ever wanted to watch a geographic location specific Youtube video, Sports game or a latest episode of a American sitcom from CBS website from outside of USA you are blocked. Most folks would have experienced this with Netflix or Hulu. [&hellip

How to change IP address ? Static Dynamic Windows PC WiFi router

Before listing how to change IP address for your computer let’s first understand that the IP address of your computer or router could be a static IP address (that would never change) or a dynamic IP address (that could change frequently) assigned by a DHCP server (See definition here). How to change dynamic IP address [&hellip

Find My IP Address location assignment and DHCP allocation

Implemented tool to find my IP Address and location You can try the tool at – Find my IP Address with location tool How is my IP Address assigned ? Regional internet registries ( RIRs ) are responsible for IP address allocation to Internet Service Providers. Internet service providers ( ISPs ) in turn allocate [&hellip