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Free CDN to improve site speed and SEO

One of the increasingly discussed aspect of SEO is site speed. After optimizing the website internally its time to look for external tools to speed up the website. One of the options is to use a free CDN. A CDN is a Content Delivery Network which basically delivers the website to the visitors with least [&hellip

How often to blog ? Blog frequency to publish content and tips

How often to blog and what should be blog frequency bothers a lot of new bloggers. Like me if you have searched around for a right answer you might have gotten conflicting answers. Some claim that frequency of posting articles to blog is not important, the quality of posts is. Other may claim that frequency [&hellip

Scan detect remove malware from websites blogs online free tools

Have you been recently blacklisted as a malware distributing website or a blog ? If you did not plan on being a malware website or blog then you must take action before Google removes your site from their searches completely. This could be a SEO disaster. Before understanding how to remove malware let us first [&hellip

Free yahoo site explorer alternatives Free backlinks finder tools

As you may have realized that the free Yahoo site explorer tool is gone for good. Now the search begins for free Yahoo site explorer alternatives to find backlinks for the domains. To be frank there are not many. Most of the online tools that you find are actually using another service under the covers. [&hellip

Friendly urls SEO url for search engines using htaccess examples

What is a SEO URL or a search engine friendly URL ? Before we learn how to create SEO URL or a search engine friendly URL we need to understand what it is and what is it’s purpose. A SEO or search engine friendly URL is the one that gives good information on what a [&hellip

SEO tutorial for beginners SEO tips SEO tools

What isĀ  SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) In order to generate ad revenue, a site needs a lot of visitors. Visitors can be acquired via paid advertizing or they can be referred to a site for free by search engines. In order to get visitors by search engines, a site has to be ranked [&hellip

WordPress Breadcrumb code without plugin using tags category and date

All the WordPress breadcrumb code that I have seen deals with categories and dates only. However for better navigation and SEO, I believe tags should also be part of it too. WordPress Breadcrumb code vs Tag clouds If tags are a part, they can provide quick and easy access to all related articles for the [&hellip

How to place text on an image using HTML and CSS

Why place text on an Image ? If you place text on an image via Hyper Text Markup Language ( HTML ) or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS ) it can serve multiple purposes. It helps search engines to crawl the text and get an idea of what the image is all about leading to a [&hellip

Post to social bookmarking sites automatically Onlywire socialmonkee

Why post to Social Bookmarking sites ? Social bookmarking sites provides a user a mechanism to not only store and manage their URLs but also to share them with other users. Over the years lot of social bookmarking sites have cropped up (For example twitter, digg, stumbleupon, reddit etc ). For any new content to [&hellip

How to find blogs to follow or comment on automatically?

You might be spending a lot of time trying to find blogs to follow and read daily. You might be looking for a blog that gives you the relevant information to follow daily or a blog where you can comment to get back links or for a blog on a specific or niche topic to [&hellip