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Dedicated server for downloading torrents and monitor over WiFi

Today most of the downloads are done over WiFi connection in the homes. This is easy and straightforward for most of the cases where we download small files. However in case where one needs to download huge files such as as Linux distro or some other large files over torrent then WiFi download may not [&hellip

Open Source Diameter implementation in C C++ JAVA

4G based communications are all IP based. Diameter is the industry standard for data signaling from various devices such as smartphones and tablets. With the increase in data speeds, there is bound to be increase in the Diameter signalling. Diameter brings in standardized communication between various network elements in the 4G network. Soon you could think [&hellip

Best online regex testers regular expression testers online free

Mastering Regex or regular expressions is not an easy task. It takes a lot of trial and error initially until you get a hang of it. However until one can achieve mastery over regex or regular expressions there are a number of online testers that can help you test your regular expressions. The list below [&hellip

Download Putty Connection Manager and alternatives free for windows

If you have been looking for a nice tabbed interface for your terminal connection to unix servers, then you can download putty connection manager or Superputty or Poderosa and use them for free. Putty connection manager as well others listed below are excellent tools that integrates putty. These tools provide a multiple window tabbed interface [&hellip

Best free capture screenshot tools software for windows PC Firefox

The most rudimentary way to capture screenshot is to print screen. However there are a number of software tools that can help capture screenshot with much better capabilities. These programs help a great deal in when you need to capture screenshot to Share with your colleagues over an email, Send it for debugging a certain [&hellip

Hide ip address free Browse download torrent via Tor proxy

Privacy advocates have long sought for online privacy. This means that only you are entitled to know what your online behavior is. However there are a number of threats to your online privacy. In order to really conceal your online identity, you need to hide IP address of your computer. It is quite common to [&hellip

How and when to upgrade software ?

Before you upgrade software Whether it is a five minute browser upgrade or a five hour operating system upgrade, deciding on how to upgrade software or when to upgrade software requires careful planning. Before starting on an upgrade process look at the read me file or release notes that are part of the upgrade package. These files [&hellip