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Open Source Diameter implementation in C C++ JAVA

Diameter is the industry standard for data signaling for communication networks. With the increase in data speeds, there is bound to be increase in the Diameter signaling. Diameter brings in standardized communication between various network elements in the telecommunications network. Soon you could think of Diameter implementation as a commodity software. Almost everyone in telecommunication [&hellip

What is Cloud Computing ? Architecture companies security Google

Define Cloud Computing Cloud computing can be defined as a mechanism to access applications that actually reside at a location other than your computer.  As per definition it is most often another Internet-connected device in a distant data center. Under this paradigm another company hosts your applications rather than you doing it yourself. This means [&hellip

Web Services Security and Standards W3C OASIS WS-I

If you or your organization is involved in development of web services, it is very important to understand various threats to web services security and how to mitigate them. Analysis of Web Services Security should be integral part of any web development process. Web Services Security Attacks The attacks penetrating the Web Services Security can [&hellip

Message Oriented Middleware: QPID ActiveMQ RabbitMQ OpenAMQ ZeroMQ

Introduction to Message Oriented Middleware Message Oriented Middleware or MOM concept involves the exchange of data between different applications using messages. In a MOM,  messages are usually sent and received asynchronously (as compared to RPC-style communications which tend to be synchronous in nature). Using  this mechanism, applications are decoupled and senders and receivers exist without the [&hellip

Voice Over LTE tutorial: Features Approaches CSFB Volga MMTEL OTT

Introduction to Voice Over LTE You probably own a new 4G LTE smart phone like Driod, HTC thunderbolt, Goolge Nexus but do you realize that voice service on it might still be 3G. This Voice Over LTE tutorial explains various mechanisms used to deliver voice over LTE networks today and in future. LTE features that [&hellip

IMS tutorial examples for online charging

This IP Multimedia Subsystem or IMS tutorial explains the charging models and architecture for IMS based services with the help of examples. IMS tutorial for Charging Types The IMS  (IP Multimedia Subsystem) architecture supports both online and offline charging capabilities. Online charging quick tutorial Online charging is a charging process in which the charging information [&hellip

Policy Control charging and DPI : What are telcos deploying ?

Introduction to Policy in telecommunications industry Policy (as Standardized in 3GPP and other architectures) in Telecommunications stands for the creation and application of rules in real time that control: What, where, when and how subscribers can access content and applications online The way that specific applications are treated regardless of who is using them The [&hellip

Linux OS server commands for hardware info performance network monitoring

Brief introduction to Linux OS server Linux provides a set of commands via terminal interface to gather hardware info as well as to monitor performance of the system. These commands are quite handy for initial set up of the system or any performance testing. Many commands can provide a large set of  information while some [&hellip

1g vs 2g vs 3g vs 4g vs 5g comparison differences and analysis

A look at the definition, throughput and technology used for various generations of telecom technology. The comparison between 1g vs 2g vs 3g vs 4g vs 5g helps analyze capabilities of each of the technologies and features that can be supported by each of them.   Generation (1G,2G,3G,4G,5G) Definition Throughput/ Speed Technology Time period Features [&hellip

How to Run Linux on Windows without virtualization

What is virtualization Virtualization is a mechanism that enables running a guest OS (For e.g.: Linux) on a host OS (For e.g.: Windows). Quite a few virtualization software are available to achieve this ( for example VMware and Virtualbox). Using these software saves time as there is no need to restart the computer in order [&hellip