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Access blocked computers with SSH tunneling port forwarding

Consider the above setup. Your computer with IP address can access another windows computer referred to as windows jump server here. The windows jump server has two network interfaces : one with IP and another with Your computer can connect to windows jump server over but has no visibility into [&hellip

Install Samba on Pogoplug SD card and USB hub

Previously I wrote an article on Dedicated server for downloading torrents and monitor over WiFi. It provides a deeper look into centralized downloading application however it would be good to have this application download files into a central repository that can be shared over the network. Samba can help provide that functionality. In essence what [&hellip

Set multiple displays on top of each other – Windows

Many times we set up two computer displays on top of each other. This is usually a space saving mechanism. Ideally we would want our displays to be setup side by side so that we can easily performs sideways mouse movement. But in case you want to save your side space and place multiple displays [&hellip

VGA to DVI conversion using adaptors and convertors

Most of the older computers and many of the new ones come with at least one VGA interface. Older monitors generally had a VGA interface only but newer ones are coming with an HDMI or a DVI interface. Therefore if you want to use your computer with only VGA interface with a monitor with DVI [&hellip

SEO tutorial for beginners SEO tips SEO tools

What is  SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) In order to generate ad revenue, a site needs a lot of visitors. Visitors can be acquired via paid advertizing or they can be referred to a site for free by search engines. In order to get visitors by search engines, a site has to be ranked [&hellip

How do you get a blog ? Get free blog from WordPress Blogger Typepad

What is a Blog ? Nowadays almost everyone has it or has heard of the notion of it. Many individuals who are not tech savvy do not totally understand what it is or how to get one. First, let me explain what it really is. Blog is short for “Web log” which means a log [&hellip

Remove Ads from websites Firefox chrome ad block plus plugin add on

Ads on many websites are quite annoying especially when they keep popping up every few seconds. Since they are an important source of income for most websites I would not recommend anyone to remove ads from websites. Sometimes however while searching for content online we tend to visit many new sites. There is an inherent [&hellip

What is IPTV ? IPTV Providers Companies Services IPTV Technology

Introduction to IPTV In order to explain what is IPTV, it is necessary to understand its features and the underlying technology used. This IPTV tutorial therefore touches on all these aspects of IPTV. IPTV is part of telecommunication marketing term “quadruple play” which consists of internet, Phone, wireless and TV. The TV service in quadruple [&hellip

What is Cloud Computing ? Architecture companies security Google

Define Cloud Computing Cloud computing can be defined as a mechanism to access applications that actually reside at a location other than your computer.  As per definition it is most often another Internet-connected device in a distant data center. Under this paradigm another company hosts your applications rather than you doing it yourself. This means [&hellip

How to connect laptop to TV How to connect laptop to TV using HDMI DVI Component S Video Composite

Watching movies and videos online has become quite a normal activity. Most people watch it on their laptops or desktops. Here we will see how you can connect laptop to TV to enjoy the bigger screen. Cables that connect laptop to TV Before we discuss how to connect laptop to TV it is necessary to [&hellip