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Scan detect remove malware from websites blogs online free tools

Have you been recently blacklisted as a malware distributing website or a blog ? If you did not plan on being a malware website or blog then you must take action before Google removes your site from their searches completely. This could be a SEO disaster. Before understanding how to remove malware let us first [&hellip

Add top header banner image on WordPress.org plugin developer page

If you are a WordPress plugin developer you would be interested in latest development and facilities provided by wordpress.org. There is some good news. As part of an experiment, all WordPress.org plugin developers are now able to customize their plugin page even more with customized banner image of specified size on top header section of their [&hellip

Friendly urls SEO url for search engines using htaccess examples

What is a SEO URL or a search engine friendly URL ? Before we learn how to create SEO URL or a search engine friendly URL we need to understand what it is and what is it’s purpose. A SEO or search engine friendly URL is the one that gives good information on what a [&hellip

WordPress contact form with captcha plugin

WordPress contact form with captcha plugin is a easy to use WordPress plugin that allows you to add a contact form and any WordPress blog page. Features WordPress contact form with captcha plugin is easy to configure via regular WordPress plugin menu. Utilizes captcha technology to prevent any spam. It uses reCaptcha from Google. Allows [&hellip

WordPress Breadcrumb code without plugin using tags category and date

All the WordPress breadcrumb code that I have seen deals with categories and dates only. However for better navigation and SEO, I believe tags should also be part of it too. WordPress Breadcrumb code vs Tag clouds If tags are a part, they can provide quick and easy access to all related articles for the [&hellip

How to add JavaScript to WordPress posts or pages ?

All WordPress posts and pages that are written using the built in WYSIWYG editor do not support JavaScript. If you are like me and want to add JavaScript to WordPress posts or pages without any plugins then there are a few points that you need to remember. Do not use visual editor to add JavaScript [&hellip

How to post on a blog ? Atom Publishing Protocol XML-RPC Email

There are number of methods for you to post on a blog. Depending on which mode you pick you can post on a blog remotely or by going online on it. Most usual way to post on a blog involves logging on to your blog and writing the post on your WYSIWYG editor. Post on [&hellip

WordPress pre and code tags Create pre code tags scrollbar with CSS

Why use WordPress Pre and Code tags Blogs that show code in the posts should provide a distinction between the text and code. This helps visitors identify code easily and copy it for their use. Options for using Pre and Code tags With WordPress, differentiating between  code and regular text becomes quite simple. This can [&hellip

Best wordpress plugins for new blogs

While creating this site I realized that there are few problems that each WordPress site or blog owner has to solve. Since I had faced these problems and solved them with few plugins, I am listing these best WordPress plugins for new blogs to use. Also these are all free! Remember that this post changes [&hellip