Add top header banner image on plugin developer page

If you are a WordPress plugin developer you would be interested in latest development and facilities provided by There is some good news. As part of an experiment, all plugin developers are now able to customize their plugin page even more with customized banner image of specified size on top header section of their plugin page.

A WordPress developer can now add a 772x250 banner image or picture on top of their plugin page. As an example take a look at the contact form with captcha plugin. This gives a nice good personal feel to the plugin page. Although this is a very attractive feature it may not be a permanent one. As suggested on the wordpress plugin forum this is just experimental and may undergo more changes or might be completely scrapped. We hope it is here to stay.

Here are the steps to add your own banner on top of your plugin page:

  1. Create a 772√ó250 sized png or a jpg / jpeg image or banner. Gif images are not supported to avoid any unexpected animations.
  2. Now if you are using Windows OS create assets directory the same level as your trunk directory and not inside it. This makes assets directory at the root level. This is how it looks in my checked out plugin folder.SVN Repository with assets directory
  3. Now create a 772×250 sized banner / picture / Image and rename it to banner-772x250.[jpeg/jpg/png].
  4. Place the banner image into the assets directory created above.
  5. Now right click on assets folder and select TortoiseSVN->Add. This will add both the assets directory and the banner image to your code in the SVN.
  6. Your are now done. On the next plugin directory refresh (which is usually every 15 minutes) you will see your banner image / picture start showing up on your WordPress plugin page.

Leave your plugins URL at the comments section for us to see your creativity.


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