Are you addicted to internet ?

Internet growth has been humongous and so have number of users addicted to it.  There has been a steady  increase in the average time a person spends on internet. In order to figure out if the time you spent is normal or are you addicted to internet try answering following questions:

Questions to ask if you think you are addicted to internet

Do you try to have intimate cyber relationships online ?

This includes having deep and emotional involvement with someone you do not know in real life but only in cyber world. If this is you then you need to consider possibility that you are addicted to internet.

Do you value your online friends more than your real friends and family ?

A sign of this would be chatting away for hours online and cancelling your appointments with real people just so that you could finish your online conversations (that hardly ever end). This is a sign that you are addicted to internet.

Do you have a compulsion to gamble online which takes you away from other important things in your daily life ?

If you are always on ebay or other auction website for hours trying to snag the best deal or looking for one then that is a  sign on compulsion. This compulsion could be a sign of addiction to internet.

Do you surf  excessively ?

This includes surfing while watching TV, eating food or when just lying in bed before sleeping. This is definitely a indication that you are addicted to internet.

Do you stay online when you are bored and cannot find anything better to do ?

In good old days maybe you would have struck a conversation or read a book when bored ? But now you want to just stay online and find something there to engage you. This shows that you are addicted to internet.

Do you play games online more than you play games outside in real life ?

If you are more indoors than outdoors then this is a physical health issue as much as mental health. This suggests that you are probably addicted to internet.

Are you addicted to internet

Note that there are individuals who are required to be online for their profession but even those need to take a break sometimes. When they do, hopefully it is not on the internet.

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