Dedicated server for torrent downloads

Dedicated server for downloading large files using pogoplug

Today most of the downloads are done over WiFi connection in the homes. This is easy and straightforward for most of the cases where we download small files. However in case where one needs to download huge files such as as Linux distro or some other large files over torrent then WiFi download may not be ideal. That’s true for multiple reasons. Let’s see reasons for needing a dedicated server for downloading large files.

Why dedicated server for downloading torrents and large files is needed

Firstly we do not want our laptop to be busy downloading and storing files over a long period of time is internet connection is not very fast. Secondly if one wants to share those files later then one would have to move it to central location anyway and that transfer would take more time. Thirdly WiFi connections are slower than a wired LAN connection and WiFi signals are subject to interference reducing the download speeds.

So the best option is to download large or huge torrent files via a LAN and control or monitor these downloads over your WiFi connection. To achieve this goal we need a dedicated server for downloading and being able to monitor it over WiFi on any other computer on the network. That would be ideal because of reasons listed above. In order to achieve that objective, buying a cheap Linux based server would be the starting point. There are many options to get a cheap Linux based basic server. In this article we are looking for ways to use that cheap Linux server for downloading torrents or huge files and monitor and control them remotely. Once this dedicated server is ready and connected to your LAN via the wireless router we need to install Aria2 software. Depending on the Linux distro the software can be installed directly on your server. In my case I installed this on a pogoplug device which has busybox installed and it uses Optware to install the packages. In such a scenario the command was:

[[email protected] /opt]# ipkg install aria2

Once that is done next all that is needed is to run the aria2 daemon as follows:

[[email protected] /opt]# aria2c –daemon –enable-rpc –rpc-listen-all –dir /my_download_directory

Now the server is ready to download directly into your download directory over LAN connection.

Dedicated server for downloading with GUI to monitor downloads remotely

The problem however remains on how to control the downloads. Logging into your Linux server every time a download is to be initiated is not ideal. So the option here is to download the GUI for aria2.

Dedicated server for torrent downloads

The GUI can be downloaded on any PC, Mac, Tablet or phone as its completely we b based (runs on your browser). After downloading it just update the file “configuration.js” and replace “localhost” with IP address of your Linux download server. That’s it! Now all downloads can be initiated, monitored and controlled with any of your computer over WiFi and at the same time the downloads will be over very fast gigabit LAN connection (if your router supports it!)

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