Download Putty Connection Manager and alternatives free for windows

If you have been looking for a nice tabbed interface for your terminal connection to unix servers, then you can download putty connection manager or Superputty or Poderosa and use them for free. Putty connection manager as well others listed below are excellent tools that integrates putty. These tools provide a multiple window tabbed interface for multitasking.

Putty Connection Manager

Download Putty Connection Manager

Putty connection manager is quite a helpful application that uses Putty application. It allows user to make multiple connections and show them all on single window. After you download putty connection manager and run it, there are two sets of configuration parameters needed. First it needs the location of Putty application and second it needs a new database. The database stores connection settings for various servers.

Download Putty connection Manager from link below


SuperPutty Connection Manager (#1 Putty Connection Manager alternative)

Superputty Connection Manager

Superputty is quite similar to Putty connection Manager. If you look at the interface and configurations it has not deviated from Putty connection Manager. This makes your transition from Putty connection Manager to Superputty effortless.

Superputty also uses Putty application in background. It allows users to have multiple connections open in same single window. These windows are tabbed.

Download SuperPutty from link below


Download latest Superputty version from link below

Forked Superputty (This version is forked from the version above and is more actively maintained now)

Poderosa Connection Manager (#2 Putty Connection Manager alternative)

Poderosa connection manager

Poderosa is an independent application which does not use Putty in back-end. It has following features built in:

Tabbed User interface like Superputty and Putty Connection Manager

It allows convenience of opening multiple connections at the same time. Users can split the window into different panes and allocate each a different connection.It allows connection via Telnet and SSH.

It supports a plugin architecture

For anyone who is interested in extending the features of Poderosa they can build their own plug-ins. Refer manual for development techniques.

Download Poderosa from link below



Multi-tabbed Putty (#3 Putty Connection Manager alternative)

Multitabbed putty

Multi-Tabbed putty is another free application that uses Putty or Kitty (forked version of Putty) in background. It provides clear tabbed user interfaces for each connection. The servers are grouped in a sidebar which is smilar to Putty connection Manager. It also allows detaching of tabs and converting them into a general Putty window.

Download Multi-Tabbed Putty from link below

Multi-Tabbed Putty


Putty Tab Manager(#4 Putty Connection Manager alternative)

Putty tab manager is another great option. Although the application maintenance page is not in English the application has been maintained regularly.

Download Putty Tab Manager from link below

Putty Tab Manager

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