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How to get or increase backlinks ? Should I buy backlinks ?

Importance of  increasing backlinks

How do I  increase my backlinks ? Should I just buy them ?  – Those are the questions bothering most of the website owners, bloggers, webmasters and SEOs. After having built a few websites I can probably tell you that you may or may not need to worry about increasing backlinks to begin with. Whether to buy backlinks to increase backlinks to your site or not is actually directly related to the content of your website.

Analyze how to increase or get backlinks or buy backlinks ?

Say your blog is about latest technology trends. Well there are plenty of websites for that right ? So how unique could your content be ? Say within your technology blog you want to discuss Iphone 5. There are probably hundreds of sites covering that. If you are cnn or mashable you will most likely get to be on the first page of Google without increasing any backlinks but if you are someone new you do not have much authority over that content. In that case you have to somehow gain trust of Google to be listed higher in its search rankings. In that case you may be able to slowly gain  trust by way of steady increase of backlinks. Now remember that every backlinks is not of the same value so things like nofollow needs to be considered. (Read about nofollow backlink attribute here).

How to increase backlinks ? Should I buy backlinks ?

Why avoid buying backlinks

Having explained the importance of gaining trust I have not yet recommended buying backlinks. Why ? Well remember I said that buying backlinks or not is directly related to content. Consider the following points:

Write Unique Content to get quality backlinks

Rater than buying backlinks you have a better option and that is writing a very unique content. Going back to the example of technology blog, you do not have to write about latest in technology, rather you could write about a comparison of new Vs old technology or something else that has not been done already.

Get a hobby

I agree that’s difficult than just buying backlinks but there are quite a few tricks to make that easy. So you would ask me what is better than just buying backlinks ?  Well here is my strategy, everyone of us has a hobby right ? If not an hobby we have a job which takes most of our time anyway. Why not write about that ? Remember your life is different than anyone else and therefore your experiences are unique. Why not write about that?

Avoid scraping content

You would think that you could make good money by scraping some good content off the net. But search engines can figure out that and not even rank your site.

Avoid temporary backlink schemes to get or increase backlinks

Do not get tempted by quick backlink schemes. I had initially bought a lot of backlinks which made my PR go up, internet visitors came too but I was not making enough to keep the backlinking operation up. Money was gone down the drain. I could buy thousands of backlinks but then after sometime I had to do same thing when many of those backlinks were wiped out.

Improve on others content

Now lets say you want to make or increase your backlinks anyway. I do not want to discount the importance of backlinks at all but they should be done along with good content to back it up. Remember that in this social age businesses could be successful or not based on your users/customers perspective. You do not even have to be unique in your topic always, you could just improve upon others content. What am i talking about ? Have you heard of trackback ? Let me explain. If you like someone’s content and you link to it and add more points to it in your blog then the owner of main article gets a trackback which means your link shows up on his site. Isn’t that a nice way to increase the backlinks ?

Methods to Increase or get Backlinks

Finally here are some known ways to increase backlinks:

Comment/trackbacks get backlinks

Comment on other blogs specific to your niche. Some of these blogs allow you to even leave backlinks. This also keeps you up-to-date in your niche.

Submit article to article directories to get backlinks

I personally do not like this option since it’s not much fun. Instead you can be a guest writer on other blogs and increase your backlinks by placing them on your articles.

Forum participation to get backlinks

Forum participation allows you to post your signature at the bottom and gets you into social networking with others. A very good option in my mind to increase your backlink count.

Buying backlinks

You can always buy backlinks but increasing backlinks that way would not help if your content is not unique and users do not like it. One note here, I have read at lot of places that having a lot of backlinks can blacklist you in Google and sandbox you. That is not true. If that were true I could sandbox my competitors right away! This might have a bearing on very new website but if your site is at least one year old and you are smart you should be fine increasing your backlinks this way.

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