OpenX Review For Problems and Issues

What is OpenX

OpenX is an ad management software. That means that if you have ads to show on your website and need capability to show them for lets say certain duration, then by using OpenX you can program that information into your OpenX software. This is good for managing individual ads or for mix and match between ads from various networks. OpenX also has its own ads network/platform. The ads available via their network are quite limited though. Google has started doubleclick or admanager service which is in competition to OpenX.

You can definitely find all the benefits of this platform on many other websites performing OpenX review but if you are looking for major problems or issues then you have come to right place.  Some major problems with OpenX, based on personal experiences are listed below in this OpenX Review:

OpenX review for Problems / Issues

OpenX comes in 3 flavors.

Paid OpenX version

This option provides most benefits but for a subscription price. If you are using a single ad network then you do not really need OpenX. I have not tried this option but if you are looking for good support for OpenX and want it to be managed by someone else then this is the best option.

Self installed OpenX version

This version needs to be installed on a hosting server by a site owner.

To install this you need to be a bit of a “software guy”. Things may need tuning or tweaking which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I tried this option and it was not really a slam dunk. There were few issues after the installation which required minor code changes.

  • Since this flavor has to be managed by you, you would need to make sure there are no security issues/threats when installed.
  • It also requires user to perform upgrades and patch installations.
  • You do not get any quick professional support for this option.


On Ramp OpenX Version

This is where you can use the OpenX platform directly from OpenX website.

  • This option works only for a limited number of ad impressions. If your site has large number of ad impressions then this option cannot be used.
  • The performance of this version was very slow.  Incidentally  sites could get penalized if using this option. Sometimes ads could take a full second before they are served by this option. This is a major problem from SEO perspective.

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