Disable screensaver group policy

Many computers have mechanisms in place to start the screensaver after certain amount if idle time. One of these mechanisms is to use a screensaver group policy. A screen save group policy could be used to make sure that a windows based workstations, for a group of users, locks after some amount of idle time. [&hellip

How do you get a blog ? Get free blog from WordPress Blogger Typepad

What is a Blog ? Nowadays almost everyone has it or has heard of the notion of it. Many individuals who are not tech savvy do not totally understand what it is or how to get one. First, let me explain what it really is. Blog is short for “Web log” which means a log [&hellip

Remove Ads from websites Firefox chrome ad block plus plugin add on

Ads on many websites are quite annoying especially when they keep popping up every few seconds. Since they are an important source of income for most websites I would not recommend anyone to remove ads from websites. Sometimes however while searching for content online we tend to visit many new sites. There is an inherent [&hellip

WordPress Breadcrumb code without plugin using tags category and date

All the WordPress breadcrumb code that I have seen deals with categories and dates only. However for better navigation and SEO, I believe tags should also be part of it too. WordPress Breadcrumb code vs Tag clouds If tags are a part, they can provide quick and easy access to all related articles for the [&hellip

Are you addicted to internet ?

Internet growth has been humongous and so have number of users addicted to it.  There has been a steady  increase in the average time a person spends on internet. In order to figure out if the time you spent is normal or are you addicted to internet try answering following questions: Questions to ask if you [&hellip

How and when to upgrade software ?

Before you upgrade software Whether it is a five minute browser upgrade or a five hour operating system upgrade, deciding on how to upgrade software or when to upgrade software requires careful planning. Before starting on an upgrade process look at the read me file or release notes that are part of the upgrade package. These files [&hellip

How to align social buttons ?

There is a huge list of social websites. Each social website provides its own social buttons. Since there are really no common standards for these social websites buttons, adding them on your website could be quite challenging. In order to add social media buttons to a website you need to understand how to align social [&hellip

How to change IP address ? Static Dynamic Windows PC WiFi router

Before listing how to change IP address for your computer let’s first understand that the IP address of your computer or router could be a static IP address (that would never change) or a dynamic IP address (that could change frequently) assigned by a DHCP server (See definition here). How to change dynamic IP address [&hellip

PHP Template Free download

This is a very attractive and simple free PHP template that you can download and use for your dynamic websites.  Simple knowledge of PHP is required to modify and install this free PHP template. Free PHP template features 1. Support for three 728X90 and two 300X250 advertisements. The Ads have been strategically placed to provide [&hellip

How to place text on an image using HTML and CSS

Why place text on an Image ? If you place text on an image via Hyper Text Markup Language ( HTML ) or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS ) it can serve multiple purposes. It helps search engines to crawl the text and get an idea of what the image is all about leading to a [&hellip