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Remove Ads from websites Firefox chrome ad block plus plugin add on

Ads on many websites are quite annoying especially when they keep popping up every few seconds. Since they are an important source of income for most websites I would not recommend anyone to remove ads from websites. Sometimes however while searching for content online we tend to visit many new sites. There is an inherent risk that these websites could have malicious content (For example excessive pop up or ads) that could adversely affect your computer by installing spyware or malware. In order to avoid such malicious content from showing up on your computer, it is advisable to use mechanisms to remove ads from websites showing such malicious ads.

remove ads from websitesThere are a few easy ways to remove ads from websites.  Here is a list of tools that can be used:

Remove ads from websites using Firefox or Mozilla Adblock plus plugin

For Firefox/Mozilla browser install Adblock plus plugin. This plugin will remove ads from websites page before rendering it. From initial tests Adblock plus plugin does not seem to have any adverse effects on the speed with which websites are loaded. The plugin was installed without a hitch also. Adblock plus  is the most recommended plugin for Firefox to remove ads from websites.

Remove ads from websites using chrome Adblock plus plugin

Chrome browser also provides plugins to block or remove ads from websites pages. Adblock plus is one such plugin that is free to use. First attempt to install Ad block plus plugin resulted in an error. The Adblock plugin website clearly states that there are known limitations on this plugin. The plugin is far behind on functionality and ease of use when compared to Adblock plus plugin on Firefox. Some of that lack of functionality in Adblock plus is due to issues with Chrome browser itself. Our recommendation would be to use Firefox Adblock plugin instead. Read Should I use Chrome or Firefox ? for detailed comparison of Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Remove ads from websites using online tools

There are few options to remove ads from websites without installing any plugins at all. This option is quite good if users want to block ads infrequently or for very selected websites only. This option is also usable with Internet Explorer for which there are no great options to remove ads from websites. To use this option, go to the sites that offer ad block services and type the URL to access. These sites will open the requested URL on their own domain after removing all the ads from it. The websites that offer this service for free are :

Use to remove ads from websites

This service is beta version right now and can flawlessly remove ads from websites. For every webpage visited it opens a top bar. Any new URL can be typed directly into the top bar. For browsing the links within a opened page, click on that link directly. All the links on an opened page are modified to open them from the Adout browser without any ads.

Proxy sites can remove ads from websites

Many websites offer anonymous browsing services via proxy servers. They also provide options to block scripts, objects, cookies etc.  A user, in this case does not have to install anything on the computer and can browse anonymously without any ads. Since ads use Javascripts, using the option to block scripts could remove all ads. To remove any flash related content from the website page check the option to remove objects. One such site  is It uses Tor proxy to to hide your ip address while browsing and also allows removal of ads. One drawback of this technique is that it renders pages much more slowly as there is an extra server hop between the client computer and the website server.

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