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Friendly urls SEO url for search engines using htaccess examples

What is a SEO URL or a search engine friendly URL ? Before we learn how to create SEO URL or a search engine friendly URL we need to understand what it is and what is it’s purpose. A SEO or search engine friendly URL is the one that gives good information on what a [&hellip

htaccess 301 redirect examples

Before we look at the examples of htaccess 301 redirect let us understand overall use and purpose of 301 redirects. That should allow us to use it on correct contexts. What does htaccess 301 redirect mean ? htaccess 301 redirect is a mechanism to return the 301 status code as defined in RFC 2616. According [&hellip

How to debug rewrite rule in apache ?

If you are an Apache server administrator or a developer testing out your .htaccess file with rewrite rules in it then you should be aware of mechanisms on how to debug rewrite rule in Apache. Rewrite rules can be quite tricky and trying to debug rewrite rule in Apache requires access to Apache server directories. [&hellip